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Patient Advisors

We’re supporting Patient Advisers in our practice

Virtually everyone who contacts a GP practice to make an appointment expects to see to a GP, but very often help will be available from other highly skilled medical professionals such as Nurses or Pharmacists, or from another services, including the voluntary sector, who can support people with a wide range of social, emotional or practical needs.

Patient Advisers will provide you with a first point of contact which directs you to the most appropriate source of help. Staff who are Patient Advisers have undertaken appropriate training to make it easier for you to obtain help from the most appropriate professional – this could be with a Healthcare Assistant, Practice Nurse, Clinical Pharmacist based in in the practice (Nurse Practitioners are able to prescribe your medicines in the same way as your doctor).

To help you access the correct service, when you call your Patient Adviser will need to know a little about why you are calling, they aren’t being nosey or obstructive in your request, they genuinely want to help.

They will ask you a few brief questions to enable them to offer you the most appropriate advice.

Patient Advisers treat all information in the strictest of confidence.

Alternatively, to find local health services, events, advice and support in Warrington the following websites can provide information: