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Repeat Prescriptions Update

Please be aware of the process for Repeat Prescription ordering as detailed below which starts from Monday 17th February 2020:-

Repeat Prescription Ordering Turnaround

In the majority of cases we will have a prescription ready to collect within 72 hours; online ordering and use of the Electronic Prescription Service will speed up the process time. Urgent requests for a prescription will be dealt with in accordance with our urgent prescription policy. Urgent items will only be issued if the patient has no further supplies for that day, this also includes the following urgent items:-

  • GTN spray
  • Salbutamol inhaler
  • Insulin
  • Adrenaline/anaphylaxis pen eg EpiPen
  • Palliative care patients (eg morphine, syringe driver medication etc)

The order may take several hours to process and so the patient will have to return between 6-6.30pm to collect the prescription; urgent medication will only be issued at the Doctor’s discretion.

It is the patient’s responsibility for ensuring all items are ordered with 72 hours notice and requests for items to be issued earlier cannot be guaranteed. Patients are expected not to order items that they don’t need that month; patients must not order medication more than 7 days early.

If a medication has not been requested for some time the receptionist will ask a reason for the request and this reason will accompany the request to the clinical staff.

For more information, please also see Repeat Prescriptions.